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NATPE 2011 Truth for Reel Productions (T4R) Submissions

NATPE, whose acronym stands for National Association of Television Program Executives, has been serving the global television and emerging media industries for over 45 years. Since 1964, year after year, NATPE has strived to redefine itself to better meet the needs of its members in the ever evolving media landscape. What has remained constant through its evolution is NATPE’s commitment to keeping members apprised of the changes occurring daily in the global media environment.

NATPE implements its mission by providing members with education, networking, professional enhancement and technological guidance through year-round activities, timely directories, and events (like the annual NATPE Market & Conference). The organization also offers a full compliment of online services to its membership including a propriety industry networking tool, special partner offers, and educational opportunities.

Historically, it is best known for its annual NATPE Market & Conference, which is the only American programming market serving the worldwide television community as well as one of the top new media and technology conferences. The market is recognized throughout the world as one of the key media events. Amongst those in attendance include media buyers, broadcast and cable networks and channels looking to acquire programming, program distribution companies, financers, advertisers, technology companies, and content producers.

NATPE 2011: January 24-26, 2011, Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach.


Contact: CHARLES W. STONE, Truth for Reel Productions

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Charles W. Stone is a financial consultant, investigative writer, and speaker, specializing in the entertainment industry, microbiology, the paranormal, exposes, commodities fraud, technology suppression, and Washington D.C. insider view.

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Exposes on Rights, Revenge & Revelations

Documentaries on Coverups & Corruption

Genre: True Crime & Corruption Series


JAPANESE ATOMICS: Hiroshima Revenge Cover up --- World War II Era Japanese and German Efforts to Develop Atomic Weapons and other advanced technologies. This project led to atomic secrecy, Japanese and East Asian politics, US Cold War Foreign Affairs especially in the Far East, the Origins of the International Drug Trade, the Origins of the Korean and Vietnamese Conflicts and the Black Gold and other Valuables Looted from East Asia by Imperial Japan. In addition, a newly found effort to bring the European style concentration camps to the Far East in Shanghai will be presented with a real life Dr. Mengele of the Far East. We have almost certain evidence that both Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany tested atomic devices. In the case of Germany, the atomic terror device was allegedly tested in October 1944, prior to the Alamogordo test by The Manhattan Project. This information has been suppressed by several US government departments and agencies including the DOE, NASA, CIA and DOD for reasons having no relation to national security. Mainstream media refuses to cover the origin of both the North Korean and Chinese atomic programs, important sources of political and military instability in Asia. Iran tested a rocket which could be shot from a freighter to cause an electromagnetic pulse, ruining the grid and resulting in millions of deaths. The US Government has covered-up the WW II atomic efforts of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, whose programs were far more advanced than conventional WW II history allows. Project Paperclip and the origin of the North Korean and Chinese atomic programs have contributed to Pakistani and Iranian programs. 

ATOMIC FALLOUT --- Not only has the Federal Govt. covered up its role in the WW II atomic story and that of its opponents, there has been a massive and evil cover-up of the effects of fallout from the questionable and disastrous atomic tests of the 1940's, 50's and 60's. At least 250,000 members of the military were exposed for questionable reasons. The fallout was well documented and obvious going back to the 1950's. It has been estimated that its effect was approx. 200 times that of the Chernobyl accident in the Ukraine!  Who knows how many cases of thyroid cancer resulted, just to mention one toxic effect. The original cover-up was carried out by the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at that time, Warren Burger, who became the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. His "Minnesota Twin" followed him and died in office from Thyroid cancer. Who knows its real cause?

CORRUPTION COVERUP: Who Guard’s the Gate-Keepers? --- High Level Academic and Judicial Corruption with Links to Washington, DC.  This episode exposes a series of cases going back to the 1970's including several high profile questionable FBI investigations, the largest Federal case in Michigan history, the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the Student Loan System, etc.  Blood Justice by Tom Henderson reveals part of the story covered in A&E’s “Cold Files”. Yet the effort to discredit the investigative writer and the cover-up of both very serious civil and criminal fraud continues linking a major medical school with some of the largest and dirtiest cover-ups in US government history. These include the atomic veterans cover-up (the domestic equivalent of Iran/Contra), the James Neel story – the reported largest fraud in anthropology, and an effort to discredit the key microbiologist who helped expose Gulf War Syndrome, Dr. Garth Nicholson. The Buckley Act (Due Process in Education) has been perverted to cover-up campus crime. Continued suppression of these topics by the mainstream media is among the best examples of media fraud. This includes a former President of The National Press Club in Washington, DC  The Sherman Anti-Trust Act is used as the method of controlling media exposes of Federal Government activity, while the Justice Dept. overlooks widespread corruption in the media. 

HEALTHCARE REFORM: Provenge Atrocity -- Many more men die every year from end stage Prostate Cancer in the prime of life than from the total in Iraq and Afghanistan every year. The three year delay caused by two blatantly corrupt FDA panelists caused the deaths of approx. 10000 per year for 3 years or 30000 men in the prime of life! That is just one example of what should be reformed in medicine! Yet the media has taken the opposite course especially The Washington Post. Stone has a detailed story.

MEDIA CORRUPTION --- Corruption of the media is the facilitating factor in government corruption of all types. If the problems are not exposed, nothing happens. An honest media is the lifeblood of an honest government. It is obvious this is not happening! Examples are provided from local newspapers including Michael Moore's home town to the Washington National Press Club to Reuters, the world's largest news service. A formerly respected profession has become very corrupt! This expose goes back to the Don Bolles assassination era.

NAKED STOCK SHORTING: Greatest Financial Crisis/Crime of the Century --- the US Govt allowed massive illegal naked stock shorting which helped bring down the stock market in the fall of 2008. Thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost. Trillions of dollars have been lost from the world economy! Michael Milken was the key player along with Ivan Boesky and the Russian Mafia. Bernie Madoff was an associate. The SEC let it all happen! Its staffers have the goal of lucrative Wall Street jobs with many of the corrupt banks, hedge funds et al involved with the illegal activity!  

CLIMATE GATE --- Green Cross Intl. (GCI) was a calculated intrusion or covert action by "the Global Conspiracy" into the environmental movement. Its founder, Pat McCune, fits the description for High Priestess of The New World Order in Jerry Smith’s expose of HAARP.   GCI is an example of a very good idea being subverted to suit those behind the global warming movement including Al Gore and Mikhail Gorbachev. Climate Gate exposes the corruption of this polarizing process and much more!  

GREEN/ENVIRONMENTAL SCAMS --- Major scams over the past 25-30 years have been very costly and damaging to the environment. One example is the $3 Trillion asbestos abatement scam robbing large amounts of money that could be better spent. There is no adequate replacement and its removal is a dangerous dirty business with heavy organized crime involvement. To a lesser degree lead paint and other lead remediation programs are partially dishonest. Now that we need a massive effort for mold remediation the money is gone. Who knows how many cases of asthma and other serious illnesses are related to the presence of mold? This toxic problem spans the inner city to upscale neighborhoods.  

KOOKS, FLUNKEYS & HALF-WITS  --- The political process is littered with puppets and patsies from John Wilkes Booth, the Lincoln assassin, to the current crop of bureaucratic hangers-on who claim to be preventing a new Adolph Hitler. However, we know that Hitler was a result of a political process starting with Tavistock, the mind control thinktank. This illegitimate Rothschild created the insane horror of WW I and the onerous conditions imposed on Germany leading to a ruined Weimar Republic. A young Hitler was programmed by the German police and a system which created an insane monster. Medical conditions from Parkinson's Disease to syphilis are suggested as causes of his insanity going back to his 30's! In fact the current crop of flunkies in government resembles those rights abusers of Weimar Germany. Would the US have been better off had Abraham Lincoln survived and the Radical Republicans had not imposed Reconstruction on the defeated South much like the onerous conditions imposed on Nazi Germany?



Esoterics, Espionage &Acoustic Alchemy

Pioneering Esoteric Lab & Think Tank;
How Decoding Shakespeare and Levitation Led to NSA, the Science of Cryptology
& Helped Win Two World Wars

Genre: Weird Science Documentary and/or Fictionalized Movie

 by Iona Miller & Charles W. Stone,

(c) 2010, All Rights Reserved by Truth for Reel Productions

Website & Video Presentation:


"Some rich men go in for art collections, gay times on the Riviera, or extravagant living. But they all get satiated. That’s why I stick to scientific experiments, spending money to discover valuable things that universities can’t afford. You never get sick of too much knowledge."

--Col. George Fabyan

Numerous research activities occurred at Riverbank Labs, Geneva, Illinois, including decoding and deciphering enemy messages during World War I & II, deciphering alleged secret messages in the works of William Shakespeare, research in the field of architectural acoustics, groundbreaking research in the field of cryptology, fieldwork in the use of hand grenades and military trenches, research and development of tuning forks, and studies of human fitness and anatomy. The list is varied and fascinating. Riverbank is considered the direct lineal predecessor of the National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency.

The cryptographers were mainly there to prove that Bacon wrote Shakespeare's plays, but still ended up being the foundation for the NSA. Fabyan read in one of Bacon's works a description of a levitation device that allegedly worked on acoustic principles. He built one, but couldn't get it to fly, so he sent to Harvard University for some acoustic experts to help him. One discovery revealed by the code, previously known only to the Rosicrucians, is an acoustical levitating machine. A huge drum with piano strings stretched along its surface rotated within an outer casing with corresponding strings. As the strings vibrate, the outer shell is made to levitate.

The machine was a wooden tube with metal strings attached to it, around which fit another wooden tube with metal strings attached to the inside of it. The center tube was supposed to spin and by sympathetic vibration cause the strings on the outer tube to vibrate. The resonance from the striking would create a force field, which would levitate the outer tube off of the ground. Colonel Fabyan hired Bert Eisenhour, an engineer from Chicago, to construct this machine at Riverbank. Though the machine was constructed, it did not work. Eisenhour was convinced that the strings were not tuned properly, and suggested they consult someone knowledgeable in acoustics. Decipherment from Shakespeare's first folio produced the plans for the Baconian Acoustical Levitation Device, which Fabyan and his army managed to build. It was: A wooden tube with metal strings attached to it, around which fit another wooden tube with metal strings attached to the inside of it. The center tube was supposed to spin and by sympathetic vibration cause the strings on the outer tube to vibrate. The resonance from the striking would create a force field, which would levitate the outer tube off of the ground. Though it did not work, it was a historical antecedent to acoustic levitation, a valid scientific phenomenon.


A script on Riverbank Labs is already written and available on request.



Worldview Warfare: the Tavistock Agenda


Think Tanks to Army Tanks

 "…eerily mesmerizing…”


© Iona Miller & Charles W. Stone, Truth for Reel Productions, 2011



Independent Feature Film – WORLDVIEW WARFARE. “Clockwork Orange” meets “Bourne Ultimatum”. They wind you up because they know what makes you tick. Tavistock Clinic studied shellshock (post-traumatic stress) in WWI but switched to developing psychological warfare in 1922.  It turned brainwashing and reprogramming on the public to manufacture “history” by formenting polarization, including the Superpowers. Rather than helping traumatized soldiers, it calculated their breaking points; it did the same for society and we are now precipitously close to breakdown. Tavistock shock doctrine now permeates global life. Their social engineers are a Who’s Who:  Freud, Jung, Adler, Melanie Klein, Wilfred Bion, Edward Bernays, Eric Trist, A.K. Rice, Eric Miller, Aldous Huxley, R.D. Laing, and more.

"There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution." -- Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961

Tavistock is the paranoid child of the paternal Leipzig and Frankfort schools of 'critical thinking' and 'behaviorism.' The psychodynamics of Freud and Jung are its godparents, kindling the psychospiritual superego, archetypal and transpersonal aspects of depth psychology. The history of Tavistock is linked with drugs and psychopharmaceutical experimentation and abuse from the beginning. Cooke's 2009 article implies it ran on daily benzedrine. MK Ultra was perhaps the apex of this drug exploration to crack the mindbrain. Yet, the pharmacopiea of mindbending designer drugs for 'new' mental disorders grows daily, including stimulants for normal social adjustment.

"The Mother of All Think Tanks," Tavistock tentacles form holographic feedback loops, backdoors and wormhole shortcuts among cultural institutions. Each can be unpacked for their associations and effects on society - Intelligence, Military, Government, NGOs, Economics, InfoTech, Mass Media, Philosophy, Occult, Religion, Science, Academia, Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine and Zeitgeist. Tavistock took the healing genius of Freud and Jung and aimed it at mass psychology in a controlling way.

Tavistock Formula for Formation of Pathology: Deception, Brainwashing, Dissociation, Conditioning, Negative Injunctions, Forced Choice, Engineered Consent, Double-bind, Dual Reality, Peer Pressure, False Identity, No Exit, Full-Spectrum Dominance = Demoralized Mind Controlled Population; "Bread & Circuses" Formula > The Spectacle > Predictive Programming > 'Manufractured' History

Don't Fall for It: Loaded Words, Loaded Images, The Bandwagon, Polarities, Card Stacking, Isolation, Faulty Reasoning, Conflicting Dualities, Mystique, Perceived Authority, Tunnel Vision, Paradigm and Process Addiction, Soul-Abuse, Sleepwalking, Trance Manipulation, Awareness Gap, Social Conditioning, Science Taboos, Cognitive Distortion, Defensive Routines, Cover Ups, External Rewards, Herd Processing, Oppression, Dehumanization, Injected Ideology

WORLDVIEW WARFARE explores the globalization of the Tavistock Institute with its agenda of mass brainwashing, shock doctrine, academic control, NGO control, business and government control through top-down leadership policies. Tavistock's agenda has spread beyond the institution through its viral ideas which set trends and influence beliefs about the nature of today's reality.

Docudramas recreate reality and can be used to explore social and national history. One need only think of the battles fought over docudramas like Oliver Stone's JFK (1991), Schindler’s List (1993) and “W” (2008) to see the heat which docudrama generates. Lighter treatments of similar material include “Men Who Stare at Goats” (2009), “Clockwork Orange” (1971) and “Dr. Strangelove” (1964). Other similar themes and treatments on the paranormal include “Suspect Zero” (2004), starring Ben Kingsley, “Manchurian Candidate” (2004), “Paranormal Activity” (2009) and “Fourth Kind” (2009).

PSYWAR SCRIPT SYNOPSIS (Fictionalized Treatment)

ACT 1 – UTOPIA: Esoterics and Social Engineering. British East India Co., Fabians, “Open Conspiracy,” Brave New World, Time Machine, 1984, Bertrand Russell, HG Wells, Cecil Rhodes, etc.

ACT 2 - WWI Shellshock to WWII propaganda machine, and Brainwashing shape MI6, Hitler, Britain, Israel,

ACT 3 – COLD WAR: Mass Mind Control Policies Spread to America; Paperclip, OSS, CIA, MIT, Michigan, finances, education, politics.

ACT 4 – The Big Lie, Eugenics, Depopulation, Drugs, Big Pharma and Drug Wars and the War Machine

ACT 5 – Social Engineering, Consumerism and Conformity, Macro Trends

ACT 6 – THE LONG CRISIS: The Spectacle, Pomo Apathy, Compassion Burnout, Manufactured Consent

ACT 7 – TURBULENT TIMES: Cryptocracy, Shock Doctrine, Hoodwinking, Collapse and the New Age Paradigm War



The Untold Story of Mankind Research Unlimited

"Psychotronic Discoveries Behind the Washington D.C. Curtain"
The Real X-Files Were Subcontracted
© Iona Miller & Charles W. Stone, Truth for Reel Productions, 2010

See Video -



Independent Feature Film – “Men Who Stare at Goats” meets “The Lost Symbol.” A high concept romp into “Chapel Perilous,” or “down the rabbithole” into the untold story of Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), a quirky and spooked up Washington D.C. R&D thinktank investigating the paranormal, paraphysics, noetic sciences and complementary health from the early 1970s to the Millennium. The script can be written in the “Dan Brown” style of pursuing open-ended Mystery with a built in team of world-class experts, based on real life and/or composite personalities. More people become concerned about secret government research all the time, making it a popular subject for exploitation. The public now demands it has a NEED TO KNOW. In esoterics the Four Powers of the Sphinx are “To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Keep Silent.” MRU applied this formula to its R&D.

All subcontracted research was conducted on a “need to know” basis. MRU’s founder and Director, Dr. Carl Schleicher has been called “a real Dr. Strangelove.” Even his name means “stealth” in German. MRU was a swinging door for scientists and parapsychologists defecting from behind the Iron Curtain and out-of-the-box thinkers in the US military, intelligence and cutting-edge weird science.  MRU was linked to the infamous MK ULTRA psyops mind control program in Covert Action Bulletin. The “psi guys” at MRU “wrote the book” on military apps of psychotronics, but that clandestine work never saw the light of day outside of “supersoldier” programs. Psychotronics is the science of mind-body-environment relationships, an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness – more relevant today than ever.

MRU was the East Coast counterpart of Stanford’s SRI and Edgar Mitchell’s IONS in parapsychology and psychotronics. In 1973, the bestseller
PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN came out and former Naval Intelligence Officer and cryptographer, Dr. Carl Schleicher actively wondered why the US had no comparable program in psychotronics, where esoterics meets science. He resolved to create one, recruited authors Ostrander & Schroeder, and began collecting researchers and creating experimental protocols. The authors gave Schleicher a large truck of research documents and gear they never reported about. 

Thus, MRU in Washington D.C. was born in 1973 as a private company, seeking government and corporate contracts. It was a first-stop for scientists defecting from abroad and behind the Iron Curtain and those who went on to great notoriety, such as psychic Uri Geller, Star Wars inventor Stephan Possony and EM weapons pioneer Eldon Byrd. Many projects which failed to come to fruition within MRU eventually gained success or piqued public awareness, including remote viewing, biofeedback, Kirlian photography, hypnotic ESP, psionics, etc.  There are many storylines and threads to follow through the maze of MRU itself and its spooky global connections. One of MRU’s main spy-entists was the inspiration for the Cold War psi-spy thriller, THE POWER (1990) by James Mills.

ACT 1 opens with a flashback to 1959 telepathy experiments conducted by the U.S. Navy in an attempt at thought transmission to communicate with the Nautilus submarine during a voyage beneath the Polar icecap. Whether true or a psyops hoax, it spurred the psychic Cold War, a gap which MRU sought to close.  Cut to 1999, in an "out of body" experience, with his kidney transplant failing after a desperate trip to Brazil for unconventional treatment, Dr. Carl Schleicher ponders his fate with flashbacks from his days as a cryptologist in the Six-Day War, to "dowsing" for tunnelrats in Viet Nam, to his Spook Central research facility, MRU. Shrouded in mystery to the very end, Schleicher’s death was “untimely and highly suspicious.” Carl believed for years that certain domestic agents had targeted him for unknown personal reasons dating back to the mid-60s and his NSA days. No cause of death was forthcoming, so the truth may never be known.

MRU’s pioneering efforts grew into super-soldier training, intelligence-gathering and esoteric experiments. Blue-sky research became the obsession of spooks, spyentists, spycologists, psychedelic physicists and a whole host of “brand name” fringe celebrities and psychics that led to today’s “Star Trek philosophy” breakthroughs in hi tech, social engineering and subcultures, such as ghost hunters, UFO investigators, conspiracy and New Agers. MRU anticipated the human potential and quantum mind trends, alternative health movement, suppressed science movement, “Fringe knowledge” and the New Age fusion of esoterics and science. It’s enough to “make you want to psi.”

Mankind Research Unlimited had a burning “Need to Know” about the strangest phenomena that can teach us the most. Various intelligence resources supported these spy-entists in their quest to unleash human potential. MRU was a front for the most advanced mind control technology at that time, including what is now called “Voice to Skull” or V2K microwave transmissions. MRU revealed occultism in high places, but under the ‘scientific’ codenames coined by MRU’s mindbenders.

MRU bootstrapped off Soviet studies in energy medicine, hypnotherapy, magnetic healing, acupuncture, radionics or radiesthesia, remote healing and viewing, EVP, and psychophysical control of internal states. Research pathfinders carved broad highways through the mindscape. The cross-disciplinary synergy between physics, biology, psychiatry and religion, was explored and exploited with intent and belief.  MRU collapsed the spectrum of approaches from philosophy of mind and dream research, to neuropsychology, pharmacology, and molecular dynamics, to neural networks, phenomenological accounts, and even the quantum physics of reality. They canvassed the whole paranormal field aiming at a sound scientific foundation for future research and killer apps with lucrative business potential. Much of it has become what is known as “suppressed science.” But when research disappears from public view, it usually means it has gone ‘dark,’ into the clandestine world.

NEED TO KNOW docudrama explores the research and personalities surrounding the clandestine research conducted at Mankind Research Unlimited, which mirrored and exceeded its West Coast counterpart, SRI (Stanford Research Institute), known for its CIA Remote Viewing Program. MRU was more closely linked with ONI and NSA, for which it produced many reports.

SECURITY THROUGH OBSCURITY: The term "need to know," when used by government, military or espionage organizations, describes the restriction of very sensitive data related at the time to national security. Under need-to-know restrictions, even with a security clearance, no access is given to such information, nor can anyone read about a clandestine operation, without a specific need to know. Access to the information must be necessary for conducting specific official duties. The aim is to severely limit unauthorized access, without inconveniencing legitimate access. Need-to-know also discourages "browsing" of sensitive material by limiting access to the smallest possible number of people. So, "Who Knew?" MRU not only operated on a "need to know" basis, in 'stealth' mode -- they had a burning desire to penetrate the heart of Mystery - a primordial NEED TO KNOW that opened up the inner and outer Cosmos as a new frontier of science. The seemingly improbably, in time became mindbody medicine, medical scan technology, mindbody regulation and a host of legitimate applications of what had been esoteric or "occult," i.e. "hidden."

CYBORG NATION: Biocybernetic specialist, Dr. Carl Schleicher, of MRU -- psychic warfare think tank -- was accused in the underground press of being the 'father' of the cyborg, whatever was meant at that time by the term. It has been applied to both mind controlled assassins triggered with post-hypnotic suggestion (Manchurian Candidate) and bio-mechanical additions, mind-computer interface, etc. In the New Media electronic info-culture we've all become cyborgs with machine-extended senses. Our computers and hand-helds are a direct extension of our nervous systems. If we continue in this biomechanoid fusion, we may be pulling the trigger on our own humanity.




Story & Script Treatment by Barry Hostetler, ©2011

©Iona Miller & Charles W. Stone, Truth for Reel Productions, 2011

Genre: Non-Traditional Western

30-40 page script treatment available on request.

The box office success of the remake of TRUE GRIT shows the public has an appetite for Westerns that dramatize tightly-wrought human interaction and conflict. A few “knock-offs” will capitalize on the trend.

SHADOWS OF THE WEST is a non-traditional western that combines the classical storytelling style of that genre with a few mind-bending anachronisms in a story that is part “Shane”, part “Kung Fu” with just a hint of “Wizard of Oz” and even “Exorcist”. The story is crafted with Jungian archetypes and dynamics in mind, yet the Western genre keeps the storyline active, strong and simple. Our protagonist Manson, a travelling snake oil salesman, is a mercurial character, who paradoxically heals and slays. He is opposed by the town’s Powers That Be which will go to any length to achieve their toxic agenda. The action of greed, conflicts and power struggles in a small town is a broader metaphor for today’s repressive condition. The script could probably be adapted to virtually any Third World area.

This movie was written to be shot in Oregon on a very tight budget with readily available locales. The script writer, Hostetler, was an actor, who has produced and directed his own films, including “Day of the Survivor” and “Spirit of the Eagle”. He appeared in Mystery Mansion, The Worm Eaters, Where’s Willie, Baker’s Hawk, Ten Violent Women, Zebra Force, and more.

CHARACTERS: Manson, [Maddie, Cody, Ethan, Annie], Lilith, Angel, Abner, El Gaucho, Blind Bubba, Link, Mumbles, Pat, Preacher Pettibone, Munchie, Scrote, Mumbles, Mr. Wheeler, Newton Finster, townfolk.


We are in the shanty town of Purgatory, Oregon in 1898, but something about the atmosphere says the timeline may be permeable.

A broken down wagon and Hunsacker family roll slowly into town to the opening scene of a hanging. The recurrent message, “It’s the Law” is being drummed into the over-taxed citizenry. It’s pay or die.

The voluptuous Dragon Lady of the town, Mayor Lilith, doesn’t care if the money she greedily acquires is clean or dirty. She supports the Church, brothel, and saloon equally. And she doesn’t care how harshly her laws are enforced.

It isn’t long before the misaccused Hunsacker father runs afoul of the law. He is hung leaving his vulnerable family to fend for themselves against all odds.

The wanderer Manson befriends the traumatized family, healing them with his magical snake oil elixir. He dispenses some of his esoteric philosophy with his potion. They respond warmly to the selfless help and healing hand of the traveling peddler.

Meanwhile, back at the brothel, the town’s black widow, Lilith plots a further attack on the Hunsacker’s property with her law-keeper Angel.

Manson backs up Cody against the bully Abner, while schoolmaster Finster looks on. He disables, then recalibrates the hulking teen. Back at the homestead Maddie struggles with the heavy chores of the family farm. A scraggly band threatens to molest her and the children. The town powers discuss how to handle the renegades. Bloodshed ensues. Manson confronts the hypocritical town preacher who looks the other way.

Manson finds Cody and Annie trying to hunt and spends time with the dwindling family, performing healing rites on Maddie. Cody is involved in a scene at school that brings retribution to the homestead. Maddie and Annie are attacked and Cody goes to find Manson who consoles him for defending his family. Meanwhile Maddie is trying to figure out what to do with the body of the tax collector shot by her son to keep him from an avenging Angel’s death grip.

Meanwhile, for Lilith it’s just business as usual until Manson shows up and engages her in a gambling contest in which she looses her cash and her deeds. He uses that to pay off the Hunsacker’s tax debt, then he simply gives her back her lost gold, pointing out that “money is a dead thing.” Manson is accused of killing the deputy, and Angel comes after him, ready for a hanging. Cody admits he did the deed, but others are caught in the dragnet.

Lilith seduces Manson, and Manson shifts the power by taking her on a shamanic journey deep into herself.  She sees the roots of her insecurity and vulnerabilities that drive her urge to power. She finds a glimpse of love and sobs uncontrollably until she falls asleep. Only when Angel sounds the gallows bell does she awaken as Manson, Cody and Abner are charged.

Townsfolk finally begin shooting back at their abusers. One is killed before Lilith puts a stop to the whole cycle by grabbing the rope and nearly hanging herself in the process. Angel attacks Manson in a blind rage at the whole town. Manson addresses the monster in Angel; he names his sins and they shoot it out. Manson exorcises the devil from Angel.  As Angel lays in the dirt, Manson guides him to let go of his fear and the dying man, free at last, thanks him.

Manson, not one to linger, gathers himself up for his departure. The children beg him to stay. Goodbyes are brief but sincere, except perhaps from disingenuous Lilith, who begs him for love. She’s in it for herself but her transformation has begun.

Manson’s wagon opens up revealing a hot air balloon that hovers over the scene for a moment before soaring East toward the shining peaks. Lilith attempst to catch the balloon and reaches for  Manson who grabs her up as they both rise into the sky. Blind Bubba claps his hands and starts a beat for the whole town and he sings out the audience to a soulful tune…”the battle is over, but the war goes on.”



By Iona Miller, 2011

"The Nine Gates" meets "Angels & Demons"


A high-concept fantasy with a magician protagonist with angelic allies and demonic foes, with eye-popping and mindbending special effects.

"Man loses no worthiness for possessing a mortal part, but very much on the contrary, mortality augments his possibility and his power. His double functions are possible for him precisely because of his double nature: because he is so constituted that it is possible for him to embrace both the divine and the terrestrial at the same time ." --Corpus Hermeticum 9.4 

“It should never be forgotten for a single moment that the central and essential work of the Magician is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Once he has achieved this he must of course be left entirely in the hands of that Angel, who can be invariably and inevitably relied upon to lead him to the further great step—crossing of the Abyss and the attainment of the grade of Master of the Temple.” --Aleister Crowley,Magick Without Tears, Ch.83

OPENING SCENE: A mighty storm to end all storms with billowing foggy mists and intermittant curtains of heavy rain is raging on mysterious Loch Ness, whose waves are roiling and boiling like a vast chaotic cauldron full of chthonic sea serpents. The loch heaves and hurls great rolling waves onto the shore. We think we see their spectre rising from the depths, and then maybe not as waves of pelting rain wash out visibility. The mists part and we catch a glimpse of Boleskine House on the edge of the Loch, owned by a notorious mage from 1899-1913.

Infamous magician Aleister Crowley, robes flailing in the breeze, shouts and gestures on the wide veranda, magical sword and wand in hand, pointed toward the turbulent electrified sky, challenging the as yet unknown dark and luminous powers that be to come forward and reveal themselves in all their awesome potential. His railing against Heaven is a compelling invitation they cannot resist for that is why they exist. They are the servants of mankind, but only the evolutionary vanguard.

Crowley's manic frenzy is fueled by an alchemical cocktail of hashish and cocaine. He would never admit to, or much less desire a pious bone in his body. Humility was a quality unknown to him. The difference between the occult traditional and kabbalah is that it relinquished its religious root for the experiential hinterlands. In decades to follow he would become the hero of the Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll culture -- the "Me" generation, where even the specifically forbidden is mandatory. Somewhere between his medical prescription for heroin and his desire to amplify his grandiose personality, he sank into a degeneracy that arguably could be attributed to the curse of Abramelin. That doesn't mean the transformative magic didn't work. It means it did -- inexorably.

Asking no permission from man or God, he continues chanting barbarous names against the wind, unraveling the ceremony he has woven from his magical brother MacGregor Mathers' incomplete translation of the 15th century hoary tome of Abramelin the Mage. The clouds part. He is suddenly struck by an unknown force and falls prostrate to the hard cold stone portico of Boleskine House. His body writhes and buckles with an infusion of supernatural intensity.

The clouds converge in an orgy of elemental forces surrounding him, staved off only by his chalked out magical circle, which is in danger of being washed away into oblivion with the sand on the terrace. It is reinforced only by a strong banishing held by divine forces; without it, all is lost for his immortal soul is in peril of hurtling irretrievably into the black hole of the imaginal Abyss. Somehow his ritual flame manages to blaze through the onslaught.

He is fortunate the salvific measures protect his impulsive mortal frame, since, without adequate purification and preparation, he has taken on a far more ambitious and dangerous operation than even he might have suspected. As he revs up the magical engine of ritual he finds himself being stripped clean of all attachments. First one and then another anchor is ripped away until he is nothing but dust in the wind. As his flesh seems stripped from the bones like a snake shedding an outworn skin, his ego fragments as the death of the old self makes way for new being, a crowned and conquering child of the Cosmos. He collapses utterly under the overwhelming influence of a numinous infusion.

The rage of the storm wanes and finally subsides as he awakens from the transport of his mystic trance, stupified and disoriented, yet deeply inspired. He rushes, dripping wet, to his Oratory to recount the transcendental  events in lucid lines of epic poetry, dedicated to and capturing the immediacy of the serpentine influx of Creative Genius. His inner eye opens to the perception of things as they really are -- utterly transparent. He is not alone.

The seer enters a visionary reverie from which he never fully returns. Curiously, while writing he hears distorted, unfamiliar mixing strains of "Stairway to Heaven," "Kashmir," and other Led Zepplin songs in the background, providing a futuristic soundtrack to his poetry. We recognize it comes from a future owner of the mystery mansion, a Page in the occult court..

Crowley now inhabits a holographic world of nonlocal information. He has become hyperdimensional, his psyche a bottomless well of subquantal virtual vacuum flux. That well begins to spring forth, a phantasmagoria of symbolic and historical imagery recapitulating not only his personal and genetic heritage, but that of mankind and all life. Images annihilate against one another like matter and antimatter.

His mind ranges back to prehistoric visions of proto-Scotland when there were humongous sea creatures like Nessie in the waters and terrifying dragons roamed the Earth. He watches slack-jawed as they chase one another right through the walls of the oratory, roaring and gnashing their teeth. He sees horrendous tectonic forces crushing Britain utterly between colliding continents.  He's not sure if it's the deep past or he's remembering the far future.

This is definitely not a clockwork universe. In his surreal reverie, he even imagines he sees other planets, vastly different from Earth. Dual suns circle one another. Space and time curl back on themselves creating an endless loop. To look far away is to see into the past. The Magus lives forever at the paradox -- poised like The Fool at the creative edge of chaos -- with a foot in both worlds, the timeless and mundane. Free of the grasp of history one can easily go into freefall and be utterly consumed by the fractal infinities of the Cosmos.

There appears in the stone a tiny spark of light. It grows a little, and seems almost to go out, and grows again, and it is blown about the Aethyr, and by the wind that blows it is it fanned, and now it gathers strength, and darts like a snake or a sword, and now it steadies itself, and is like a Pyramid of light that filleth the whole Aethyr.

And in the Pyramid is one like unto an Angel, yet at the same time he is the Pyramid, and he hath no form because he is of the substance of light, and he taketh not form upon him, for though by him is form visible, he maketh it visible only to destroy it.

And he saith: The light is come to the darkness, and the darkness is made light. Then is light married with light, and the child of their love is that other darkness, wherein they abide that have lost name and form. Therefore did I kindle him that had not understanding, and in The Book of the Law did I write the secrets of truth that are like unto a star and a snake and a sword. And unto him that understandeth at last do I deliver the secrets of truth in such wise that the least of the little children of the light may run to the knees of the mother and be brought to understand.

And thus shall he do who will attain unto the mystery of the knowledge and conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel:

First, let him prepare a chamber, of which the walls and the roof shall be white, and the floor shall be covered with a carpet of black squares and white, and the border thereof shall be blue and gold. And if it be in a town, the room shall have no window, and if it be in the country, then it is better if the window be in the roof. Or, if it be possible, let this invocation be performed in a temple prepared for the ritual of passing through the Tuat. From the roof he shall hang a lamp, wherein is a red glass, to burn olive oil. And this lamp shall he cleanse and make ready after the prayer of sunset, and beneath the lamp shall be an altar, foursquare, & the height shall be thrice half of the breadth or double the breadth.

And upon the altar shall be a censor, hemispherical, supported upon three legs, of silver, and within it an hemisphere of copper, and upon the top a grating of gilded silver, and thereupon shall he burn incense made of four parts of olibanum and two parts of stacte, and one part of lignum aloes, or of cedar, or of sandal. And this is enough. And he shall also keep ready in a flask of crystal within the altar, holy anointing oil made of myrrh and cinnamon and galangal. More -


The Secret King of New Atlantis
Film Proposal by Iona Miller, 2011, Truth for Reel Productions
A Clandestine Birth & Luminous Vision
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PLOT SYNOPSIS ~Elizabeth I meets Shakespeare in Love meets The da Vinci Code
Video et taceo ("I see and keep silent") ~Elizabeth
"A habit of secrecy is both politic and moral." ~Francis Bacon

Lies, Spies, and Deep Cover

Was Sir Francis Bacon a concealed Tudor Prince; did this Master and genius pen “Shakespeare"?

Many experts contend it is so…This version of his illustrious life is an uncollapsable probability cloud of fact and fantasy. Only his genius could not be concealed. A stealthy undercurrent of denial, disguise, deception, betrayal, spy networks and secret societies ran through Bacon's life, shaping him as he shaped his world with intelligence. The language of the Occult is a hidden language. Bacon hid his dangerous political truth in cyphers learned from his mentors, Magus John Dee and Sir Francis Walsingham the Spymaster. For the illiterate he used the common visual code of graphic symbols and emblems. The love of his life, Marguerite, is concealed in The Sonnets, and his wit, family history, political and social commentary in the Plays. The Tempest is a portrait of his mentor, Dr. Dee.



Elizabeth I was a highly intelligent woman, demonstrated by her survival in the most dangerous, uncertain and tumultuous situations.As well as a stateswoman, she was also an accomplished musician, playing the lute her whole life. It is, therefore, not surprising to suggest that she did, indeed, give birth to genius. She already possessed her own.

Queen Elizabeth I, Mother, Unvirgin Queen

Sir Robert Dudley, Father

John Dee, Mentor, Wizard

~ * Frances Bacon, Genius/Polymath *~

Denied his mother's scepter, did Bacon trade it for that of his muse Athena, becoming the Shaker of the Speare?

Queen Marguerite of Navarre, Lover

Shakespeare, the Living Mask

Pallas Athena, Spear-shaker Goddess of Arts & Science

Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lawyer, Foster Father

Anthony Bacon, Foster Brother
Robert Essex, Natural Brother

James I, Succesor, King of England

SIX DEGREES OF TUDOR BACON: A Virgin Birth, a Nom de Plume?

'William Tudor', aka Sir Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare's Sonnets & Plays amidst an Atmosphere of Elizabethan Espionage "

The Divine Majesty takes delight to hide his work … according to the innocent play of children … Surely for thee to follow the example of the Most High God cannot be censured … Therefore, put away popular applause … and after the manner of Solomon, the King … compose a history of thy time and fold it into enigmatical writings … and cunning mixtures of the theatre …"-Francis Bacon

DEFINING MOMENT: 1579. Bacon’s Celestial visitation -- a clairaudient experience: "The glory of God is to conceal a thing, but the glory of a King is to find it out." "A flame of fire which fills all the room and obscures our eyes with its celestial glory -- heavenly voice. Follow the example of God. Put away popular applause. Compose a history of thy times and fold it into enigmatical writings and cunning mixtures of the theatre mingled as the colors in a painters shell and it will in due course of time be found."

His plan: 1) catalog and systematize "all the world's knowledge." (in English Language) 2) appear as model son to the Queen. Aid and support the administration of her realm. Give good advice. Enhance her image. Stay hidden behind the scenes. 3) Commit the true story to several ciphers. Live a secret (double) concealed life.

OPENING SCENE: 1992 Discovery of partial manuscript from Elizabethan times that contains 50 lines from Henry IV, handwriting verified to be Bacon's by Maureen Ward Gandy, leading graphologist of England. But how could Bacon produce that volume of work -- his own plus those called Shakespeare's? Besides his sigils, cyphers, and cryptography, he wrote a book on shorthand in 1590 and likely employed many assistants, like any scholar or artist might. He may have even used this secret script for dictation. So, not all works need be in his hand. Any of Bacon's "Good Pens" could have served as secretaries. Even the prolific can become more so with some technical assistance. He might be able to tell a tale, have it transcribed, then add his edits. There were corrections made to the Bard's published plays 10 years after his death. Shakespeare died in 1616, Fr. Bacon in 1626. MORE:



by Iona Miller, 2011, Truth for Real Productions

Tricksters, Mystics & Masters of Deception -

Crowley, Blavatsky, Dee, Bacon, Nostradamus, St. Germain, Cagliostro, Mata Hari, Gurdjieff, Roerich, Fortune, Hess, Leary

Beneath the broad tide of human history there flow the stealthy undercurrents of the secret societies, which frequently determine in the depths the changes that take place upon the surface. --A.E. Waite

The spies hide in every corner, but you can't touch them, you know. -- Coldplay
 Psychic Battlefield

Spying is the act of obtaining information clandestinely. The term applies particularly to the covert act of collecting military, industrial, and political data about one nation for the benefit of another. In truth the majority of the information collected is not that ‘secret’ but often the interpretation of the synergism is. Espionage is defined as the practice of spying or the using of spies. The defensive side of intelligence activity, i.e., preventing another nation from gaining such information, is known as counterespionage. PSIop is a form of worldview warfare.

MAGICIANS, TRICKSTERS & SPIES - The world of ESPionage is all spooked up, in all ways that might apply. Many mages mixed dark ops with the dark arts long before CIA's "Weird Desk" and SRI and Ft. Meade remote viewers  or Men Who Stare at Goats took the occult arts to new heights of diabolical application, including attempted psychic attacks and visualized heart attacks. There are indications MI5's Occult Bureau recruited from The Golden Dawn. James Bond creator Ian Fleming patterned Le Chiefre after Crowley. Many mages, known and unknown to history, presaged the clairvoyants of Operation Grill Flame by centuries. Paranormal ESPionage was an outgrowth of CIA's MK ULTRA mind control research. He who controls the paradigm controls the world.

Many are witting and unwitting participants in Worldview Warfare. Esoterics is at the root of it. Rather than strange bedfellows, occultism and espionage share common ground. The black art of espionage is about obtaining secret information and prophets, witches, psychics and astrologers have always claimed to be able to predict the future and know about things hidden from ordinary people.  The Jesuits spied for their order and the Church everywhere they went. The magi are adept at shifting perception and looking at the top down Big Picture. Information acquisition and analysis remain the basis of trendspotting.

Imagination & Intelligence

It takes intelligence to be a magician, but a magician can also be an active agent of intelligence, figuratively and literally. The real question is, rather, how and why and who and what do these things serve? Restoring self and society is the essential wisdom of the Grail. But this quest can be coopted for narcissistic or pathological ends. The Secret Doctrine can introduce both positive and negative praeternatural forces, intrapsychically and in the world, at large.

Have secret societies and occult brotherhoods been active behind the scenes of world events for thousands of years? Do these guardians of secret wisdom shape the growth of human consciousness and influence the destiny of nations? Are hidden masters of occult knowledge empowering and infiltrating certain political, cultural, spiritual and economic movements, in fulfillment of an ancient plan?

Could it be that man's great upheavals, wars, and revolutions, as well as his pioneering discoveries in science, literature, philosophy and the arts, are the result of a "hidden hand'? Can we decode history and find the mysterious interface between politics and occultism, thereby uncovering the real movers and shakers in our modern world? Did Crowley essentially sink the Lusitania? Were there spies in Shambhala?

The German philosopher Oswald Spengler warned of a "mighty contest" between groups of men of "immense intellect" who the "simple citizen neither observes nor comprehends." Back in 1930 Ralph Shirley, the editor of the London Occult Review, Britain's leading journal of esoteric sciences, endorsed "the suspicion that the ranks of occultism are secretly working for disintegration and revolution. Positive proof in the shape of a group of occultists working with this objective in view recently came under the notice of the present writer."

Major-General Fuller, a former disciple of Aleister Crowley, who had links to British military intelligence, wrote about an insidious force using "Magic and Gold" striving "to gain world domination under an avenging Messiah as foretold by Talmud and Qabalah." Fuller's former chief Crowley worked as a secret agent for both Britain and Germany, although his British handlers noted his 'unreliability' warning he should only be used in espionage operations with the utmost care. During the First World War the German Foreign Office secretly requested the occultist Gustav Meyrink to write a novel blaming the Freemasons of France and Italy for the outbreak of war.

A legend was popular in Mongolia, China and Tibet, that a "White Tsar' would come from the North (from 'Northern Shambhala') and restore the now decadent traditions of true Buddhism. He reported to Tsar Nicholas II how "Buryats, Mongols and especially lamas" were always repeating that the time had come to extend the frontiers of the White Tsar in the east."

Badmaev had a close association with a highly placed Tibetan, the lama Agvan Dordzhiyev, the tutor and confidant of the 13th Dalai Lama. Dordzhiyev equated Russia with the coming Kingdom of Shambhala anticipated in the Kalachakra texts of Tibetan Buddhism. The lama opened the first Buddhist temple in Europe, in St. Petersburg, significantly dedicated to the Kalachakra teaching.

One of the Russian artists who worked on the St. Petersburg temple was Nicholas Roerich, who had been introduced to the legend of Shambhala and Eastern thought by lama Dordzhiyev. George Gurdjieff, another man of mystery who had a tremendous impact on Western esotericism, knew Prince Ukhtomsky, Badmaev, and lama Dordzhiyev. Was Gurdjieff, accused by the British of being a Russian spy in Central Asia, a pupil of the mysterious Tibetans?

Gurdjieff was the "Dordjieff" to whom the history books make passing reference, supposedly a Russian who influenced the Dalai Lama at the time of the Younghusband Expedition. Abdullah was a member of the British Intelligence assigned to spy on this "Dordjieff," and when Abdullah saw Gurdjieff in New York in 1924, he exclaimed, "That man is Dordjieff!" At any rate, when there were plans in 1922 for Gurdjieff to live in England, it was found that the Foreign Office was opposed, and it was conjectured that their file dated from the time of the trouble between the British government and Tibet. According to rumor, Gurdjieff counseled the Dalai Lama to evacuate Lhasa and let the British sit in an empty city until the heavy snow could close the passes of the Himalayas and cut off the Younghusband expedition. This was done, and the British hurried to make a treaty while their return route was still open.

Russia, geographically the largest country on earth, occupies a unique position in the study of human history furnishing us with a window into the world of secret societies, occult teachers, and subterranean political currents. Ideas and practices drawn from magic and the occult have always been a part of Russian life. In the sixteenth century Tsar Ivan IV consulted magicians and was aware of the occult significance of the precious stones set in his staff. His reign was the culmination of the dream of building a prophetic, religious civilization in the Eastern Christian tradition of Byzantium. Surrounded by secret orders of apocalyptical monks, Ivan saw himself as heir to the Israelite kings and attempted to transform Russian life in accord with his magical view of reality. Ivan was convinced the Russian nation had a special mission to accomplish, nothing short of the redemption of the world

Russian Madame Blavatsky believed the Catholic society of Jesuits had transferred their headquarters from the continent to England where they plotted to plunge man into passive ignorance and institute "Universal Despotism". The founder of the Theosophical Society, a woman of immense intellect and first hand experience of secret societies, warned:

Students of Occultism should know that while the Jesuits have by their devices contrived to make the world in general, and Englishmen in particular think there is no such thing as Magic and laugh at Black Magic, these astute and wily schemers themselves hold magnetic circles and form magnetic chains by the concentration of their collective WILL, and when they have any special object to effect or any particular and important person to influence.²

The French Revolution, one of Europe's most important political upheavals, was largely the work of Masonic lodges dedicated to the overturning of the monarchy and an end of the established Catholic religion. St. Germain's warnings to The Queen showed foreknowledge. In Proofs of a Conspiracy (179, John Robison showed that the political clubs and correspondence committees during the revolution, including the famous Jacobin Club, sprang from these Masonic lodges.

The influence on history of mysticism, the occult and secret societies is generally dismissed by Western academics. Mainstream historians choose to ignore this aspect because they believe it has no real significance to world politics. In fact it is only through acknowledging the role and influence of the "occult underground' that important world events can be fully understood and placed in their real historical perspective.

In 1586, Tsar Boris Godunov offered the huge salary of 2000 English pounds a year, with a house and all provisions free, to John Dee, the English magus and spy master, to enter his service. Dee's son Dr. Arthur Dee, who like his father was an alchemist and Rosicrucian, went to Moscow to work as a physician. Mikhail Romanov, the first Tsar of the Romanov dynasty, allegedly ascended the throne with the help of Dr. Arthur Dee and the British Secret Service. Before their rise to power the Romanovs were accused by their enemies of practising magic and possessing occult powers.

The legendary Count of Saint Germain, described as an alchemist, spy, industrialist, diplomat and Rosicrucian, became involved in several political intrigues in Russia and was, according Nicholas Roerich, "a member of the Himalayan brotherhood." In 1755 he traveled throughout Eurasia to study occult teachings, and may even have visited Tibet. It is said that while studying occultism in Central Asia the Count was introduced to the secret rites of Tantric sex magic which provided him with a technique to prolong his youth. He also engaged in spying operations against the notorious British India Company. Saint Germain founded two secret societies called the Asiatic Brethren and the Knights of Light. As early as 1780 he warned Marie Antoinette that the French throne was in danger from an international conspiracy of "Brothers of the Shadow'.

Founder of Ordo Templi Orientis, in 1885, in England, Theodore Reuss joined the Socialist League as an anarchist. He had been quite involved as a librarian and labor secretary. On May 7, 1886 he was expelled as a police spy in the pay of the
Prussian Secret Police. This took place in a sectarian atmosphere, with tensions between anarcho-communistJosef Peukert and the BakuninistVictor Dave where such accusations were often made without substance. However, this accusation came from the Belgian Social Democrats, and was raised here by Henry Charles. Peukert and the Gruppe Autonomie published a rebuttal of these allegations which appeared in the Anarchist, which also accused Dave of being a spy. However, in February 1887 Reuss used the unwitting Peukert to track down Johann Neve in Belgium, who was then arrested by the German police. This was major coup for the police as Neve had been smuggling arms and propaganda into Germany. He died shortly after, in prison, perhaps murdered.

Karl Kellner contacted him and the two agreed to proceed with the establishment of the Oriental Templar Order by seeking authorizations to work the various rites of high-grade Masonry. The French occultist and physician
Gérard Encausse (perhaps better known by his pen-name Papus) was one such contact. Although not a member of a regular Masonic order, he had founded two occult fraternities: the Martinist group, l'Ordre des Supérieurs Inconnus and the RosicrucianKabbalistic Order of the Rose-Croix. In addition, he was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and a Bishop in a neo-Gnostic church, l'Église Gnostique de France. Encausse provided Reuss with a charter dated June 24, 1901 designating him Special Inspector for the Martinist order in Germany. He also assisted Reuss in the formation of the O.T.O. Gnostic Catholic Church by proclaiming the E.G.C. a "child" of l'Église Gnostique de France, which linked the E.G.C. to French neo-gnosticism.

Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard joined the US Navy during the summer of 1941, a few months before the United States entered the Second World War. He applied in March 1941 and was commissioned as a Lieutenant, Junior Grade on July 19, 1941,entering permanent active duty in November.He specifically volunteered for "Special Service (intelligence duties)", an assignation recorded on his commission papers. He spent only a brief time in this nominal role with the Office of Naval Intelligence. After four months working in public relations and at the US Hydrographic Office, he spent three weeks at the Third Naval District in New York training for the role of Intelligence Officer.Hubbard's training was curtailed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and on December 18 he was sent to the Philippines via Australia. He was put ashore in Brisbane in January 1942 when his ship was re-routed.He was ordered back to the United States aboard the transport vessel USS Chaumont the following month at the instigation of the US Naval Attaché to Australia, who cabled Washington to complain:

By assuming unauthorized authority and attempting to perform duties for which he has no qualifications, Hubbard became the source of much trouble... This officer is not satisfactory for independent duty assignment. He is garrulous and tries to give impressions of his importance. He also seems to think he has unusual ability in most lines. These characteristics indicate that he will require close supervision for satisfactory performance of any intelligence duty.

The importance of espionage in military affairs has been recognized since the beginning of recorded history. The Egyptians had a well-developed secret service, and spying and subversion are mentioned in the ‘Iliad’ and in the ‘Bible’. The ancient Chinese treatise (c.500 B.C.) on the Art of War (see Sun Tzu) devotes much attention to deception and intelligence gathering, arguing that all war is based on deception. Whilst Sun Tzu was unknown to Niccolo Machiavelli many of his concepts found new vigour within Machiavelli’s writings. In the Middle Ages, political espionage became important.

Joan of Arc was betrayed by Bishop Pierre Cauchon of Beauvais, a spy in the pay of the English, and Sir Francis Walsingham developed an efficient political spy system for Elizabeth I. (See also Francis Walsingham’s acolytes Christopher Marlowe and Francis Bacon) With the growth of the modern national state, systematized espionage became a fundamental part of government in most countries. Joseph Fouché is credited with developing the first modern political espionage system, and Frederick II of Prussia is regarded as the founder of modern military espionage. During the American Revolution, Nathan Hale and Benedict Arnold achieved fame as spies, and there was considerable use of spies on both sides during the U.S. Civil War; though it was not until the Second World War that the USA convincingly took to espionage. (‘Pearl Harbour’ was the product of the spymasters failure to collect, analyse and then act.)

A modern Magus is any person who completes the circuit between heaven and Earth, one who seeks to bring forth the divine 'gold' within her or himself.He or she is also a Mentor, an Initiator, divining and reading the signs and revealing deeper purpose and meaning in “the godgame.” But that is how the outer world sees it. Every Magus has a foot in both worlds.Their inner life is mercurial, a complex psychic layer-cake of inner planes of transcendent experience where quantum leaps of consciousness are possible and messages are exchanged with the Great Unknown. MORE:





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